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What is wilderness in the Camp Cochipianee schedule?

Wilderness activities might include: hikes, map reading skills, compass use, crafts using items found in nature, and games.

What do they do in My Time?

Campers have a chance to play with Gimp (to make keychains and laynards), play corn hole, fouzball, color, play on the swings and slide, play tetherball, read, etc.  It's also a time for our Out-Reach programs to come in and do educational activities, such as Susan B. Anthony, 4-H Uconn Out-Reach, etc.  

What about swim lessons?

Every group (besides the pre-school program) has 30 minutes for inclusive Red Cross swim lessons organized and taught by a certified Red Cross WSI and Red Cross Lifeguards.  These lessons are also used to group them in their free swim area according to their swim levels. (Red, Blue and Green)

What are some Morning and Afternoon programs that are included? These are for full day campers only.

Every day we have outside programs come in the morning for free to provide informational prorgrams to the campers.  This includes 4-h of Litchfield County, Goshen Public Library Book Mobile, Susan B Anthony, and HVCASA.  

Afternoon programs are paid entertainers/instructors that are included in the price of camp.  In the past we have used: Pratt Nature Center, Improv 4 Kids, Grumbling Gryphons, Campardy and many more!

The cost of camp also includes Tie-Dye Fridays and Pizza Fridays for lunch!