Camp Activities

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What is wilderness in the Camp Cochipianee schedule?

Wilderness activities might include: hikes, map reading skills, compass use, crafts using items found in nature, and games.

What do they do in My Time?

Campers have a chance to play with Gimp (to make keychains and laynards), play corn hole, fouzball, color, play on the swings and slide, play tetherball, read, etc.  It's also a time for our Out-Reach programs to come in and do educational activities, such as Susan B. Anthony, 4-H Uconn Out-Reach, etc.  

What about swim lessons?

Every group (besides the pre-school program) has 35 minutes for inclusive Red Cross swim lessons organized and taught by a certified Red Cross WSI and Red Cross Lifeguards.  These lessons are also used to group them in their free swim area according to their swim levels. (Red, Blue and Green)