Assessor's Office Press Release - 2017 Revaluation

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The Town of Goshen has contracted with Vision Government Solutions to perform the state mandated revaluation of all Real Estate for the October 1, 2017 Grand List. Vision will be working together with the Assessor’s office to make this 10-month project a successful one.


This revaluation requires a physical inspection of both the interior and exterior of each property. During the month of February, Vision personnel will be starting the data collection and property inspection phase of the project. All field inspectors will be carrying photo identification. Should a homeowner have questions or concerns about a field inspector, they should contact the First Selectman’s Office or the Assessor’s Office.


The major phases to a municipal revaluation are: Data Collection, Market Analysis, Valuation, Field Review and Informal Hearings. You can visit the Vision Government Solutions website at for information that explains the revaluation process, and read answers to frequently asked questions.


The last revaluation in Goshen was completed in 2012 and current state laws require towns to revalue every five years. A revaluation will determine the current fair market value of every property in town. It equalizes the values of all properties for the purpose of a fair distribution of the tax burden.


If you have any questions about the revaluation process or need additional information, please contact the Assessor’s office at (860) 491-2115 Extension 230.  I am also available by email at


Lucy Hussman, CCMA II

Goshen Assessor