Personal Property Declaration

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Town of Goshen

Assessor’s Office

Personal Property Declarations



All persons liable to pay PERSONAL PROPERTY TAXES in the Town of Goshen are required to return to the Assessor on or before November 1, 2017, a list of taxable personal property belonging to them on the first day of October 2017.  Assets include but are not limited to: manufacturing and industrial machinery and equipment; office fixtures, furniture, equipment and supplies; electronic data processing equipment; farm machinery and farm tools; mechanics tools; cables and conduits; as well as unregistered motor vehicles and leased equipment.


Any business or individual required to return a list may obtain the proper form at the Assessor’s Office, if they have not received a form in the mail.  Failure to receive a form by mail does not excuse a property owner from filing.


Dated at Goshen, Connecticut, this 28th day of August, 2017.


By: _________________

      Lucy Hussman, Assessor