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Registar of Voters Frequently Asked Questions
General Information FAQ

Who can register to vote?

To register in Connecticut, you must

-   Be a U.S. citizen
 -   Be a resident of a Connecticut municipality
 -   Be at least 18 years of age on or before the next election
 -   Not be convicted of a felony
 -   Registration forms may be obtained in many public places, including libraries, motor vehicles
       offices, supermarkets, town and state offices.
 -   Your registration is subject to the approval of the municipal registrars of voters.
 -   Fill out a voter registration application (Form ED-671).
Any U.S. citizen who is a resident of the town and will turn 18 by election or primary day may register and vote. Seventeen year-olds may register, and will acquire their rights upon their 18th birthday. Those who have been convicted of a felony lose their rights and cannot have their voting rights restored until completion of their incarceration and payment of any fines.

What types of elections can I vote in?
 Town Election, which includes voting for a 1st Selectman
Presidential Election, residents will vote for the President, Vice President
In addition to the regularly scheduled elections there also can be Primary Elections (You must be registered in the Party holding the Primary) to chose candidates and Referenda (School Referenda held on the 1st Tuesday in May).

How do I register to vote?
1)   Click on the web link to access the mail-in application form to be filled out and mailed to the Registrar of Voters.  
2)  You can also contact us in person, in writing or e-mail requesting a mail-in application form or you can go onto the Connecticut Secretary of the State's website for all election forms over teh internet at
3) Use the motor vehicle application received with your driver’s license application.

Where do I vote?
Camp Cochipianee, 291 Beach Street, Goshen

Primary and General Elections are held at the above location.  Hours of Elections are from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Refernda hours will be determined at the calling of the referenda and will be listed on calendar of events link

Persons eligible to vote in:

General Elections: all Goshen voters.
Primary Elections: those who meet the above requirements, plus be a member of the appropriate political party.
Referenda: all Goshen voters.

A special voter making session will be held at WAMOGO High School for students who are 18 years old, or have turned 17 and will be 18 prior to Election Day of that year. The session is usually held during the month of April or May at the high school.

I will be out of town during the upcoming election.  How can I vote?
Application for absentee ballots are available to eligible voters through the Town Clerk's Office or online at the Secretary of the State’s Website.  Ballots for elections, primaries and referenda are issued in accordance with state statutes.   

When do I vote?
In the general election EVERY November, Election Day is the first Tuesday After the first Monday in November. The polls open at 6:00am and close at 8:00pm.

When can You Register?
Any time up to noon the day before a primary, or up to the 14th day before an election; if you become eligible after that, any time up to the last weekday before the election.

Who does what at the polls?
Registrars of Voters: As Chief Election Officials, they are responsible for the proper conduct of all Federal, State and local elections and all Referenda. Supervision and maintenance of all voter information and lists. Overall responsibility for the conduct of the election, including the proper training (and certification where needed) of all election officials and workers; proper setup and operation of all voting machines; all elections supplies needed at the polling places; making proper determinations of the eligibility of residents to vote; preparing all official voting lists and the distribution of all official voting lists and the distribution of all official literature; overseeing absentee voting and the hiring and supervising of all election officials and workers.  Responsible for assisting in the election administration including class training for poll workers, and determining eligibility to vote on Election Day. It is important to note that procedures, number of poll workers, number of voting machines, and hours of operation are all carefully specified by State statutes.
Assistant Registrars (there are two): The Assistant Registrars represent their respective registrars of voters in the polling place overseeing the voting operations on Election Day and also reinstating voters whose names have been removed from the active voting list and placed on the inactive list who have not moved from that address. Assumes duties of Registrar of Voters in their absence.
Moderator: Responsible for the Election Day conduct of the election, including the oversight of the polling place to make certain statutes are adhered to both in the physical makeup of the polls and the voting procedures. Also supervises the voting count at the end of the election, monitors all tally sheets and transports results to office of the Secretary of the State.
Absentee Ballot Moderator: Responsible for the proper conduct of the absentee ballot counting operation.
Checkers: The Checkers check off the names of voters as they present themselves to vote. They also monitor the identification presented by voters prior to having their names checked off. All voters must be checked off before voting.
Ballot Clerks: There are two ballot clerks appointed by different parties, one ballot clerk works as a team with at least one official checker to hand out the paper ballots to each person voting.
In addition to the above persons actually working in the polling places, there are the following elections officials:
Town Clerk: Responsible for originating and reproducing absentee ballots, responding to requests for absentee ballot applications and issuing ballots upon their proper completion.

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