Ordinance Information

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In Connecticut an ordinance is a municipal rule, regulation, code or law enacted by the legislative body.

For Goshen the legislative body is a Town Meeting at which electors of the town and individuals who have property assessed at more than $1000.00 can vote to approve ordinance.

Goshen’s first ordinance Title 1.1 was enacted December 1, 1798 at Town meeting and reads “That for the future, no business shall be considered legal that is done after candle lighting in the annual or any other Town meeting.   Later on November 5, 1834, Title 1.2 was passed to change the meeting time, “It shall be the duty of the Selectmen to warn all Town meetings in future to be holden at ten o’clock a.m. and it shall be the duty of the Town Clerk to open said meetings within thirty minutes of the time at which they are named.” In March 10, 1947 the time was again changed with Title 1.3 to read, “That all business meetings of all future Annual Town Meetings shall be held in the evenings and called at 8 o’clock p.m.” Which is what dictates when the Annual Town Meeting is held to this day.