Stone Wall Removal Permit Process

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Highway Boundary Stonewall Removal Permit Process


  1. Obtain a permit from Public Works Department or on the website:


  1. Bring completed permit request form with plot plan drawn by CT licensed land surveyor to Public Works Office.  Your purposed worksite will be inspected, and permit fee assessed.


  1. The applicant is required to post a fee equal to the cost of monument setting/work, and required maps as estimated by a Connecticut licensed land surveyor.  Indicate the payee with either an ‘H’ for homeowner or ‘C’ for Contractor.  This fee is refundable in stages as per Town Ordinance. 


  1. Public Works Supervisor issues permit # based on year (i.e. ’15-’16) and permit number. Work may proceed after P.W. Supervisor signs a completed permit and return a copy to the owner


  1. After work is completed obtain a “Highway Boundary Stonewall Permit Refund Request” form.  Available on town of Goshen website or from Public Works.  Fill out and remit to Public Works.


  1. Public Works Supervisor will inspect completed work, 50% of the permit fee will be refunded upon submission to the Board of Selectmen of a signed and sealed completed A-2 survey of the highway boundary stone wall removed, dismantled, demolished, buried or relocated and 50% will be refunded upon completion of the highway boundary monumenting and filing of the Mylar  A-2 survey of the highway boundary with the Goshen Town Clerk.