What Can Be Recycled?

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Category Type Instructions
Milk Cartons & Juice Boxes Up to one gallon milk carton & single serving juice boxes Do not flatten or crush these containers, straws & caps removed, rinse clean
Glass Food Containers Clear, green, amber, soda, liquor, wine & juice bottles Discard lids, rinse clean, do not remove labels
Metal Food Containers, #10 Vegetables, soup, fruit, pet food cans Rinse container clean, tuck rinsed lid into container, do not remove labels
Various Aluminum
Beer, soda cans, TV dinners, pie plates, foil wrap
Rinse container, do not flatten cans
Up to #7 (PETE)
Plastic Containers
Soda, water, condiment containers with the #1 on the bottom Rinse container, do not flatten or remove labels or rings
Up to #7 (HDPE)
Plastic Containers
Milk & juice jugs, personal care product containers Rinse container, do not flatten or remove labels or rings
Newspaper & Magazines Newspaper & magazines and inserts Place in bin
Corrugated Cardboard Brown only, no colored food boxes Cut to 2’ X 3’, tie stack
Motor Oil & Antifreeze Residential only Separate labeled screw top (1 gal.) containers only
Batteries Auto, household (dry cell) Place along side of pick-up bin
Junk Mail, Office Paper, Box Board
White, legal & greenbar paper, flyers, envelopes, colored food boxes Place in bin