Town Clerk Fees


PUBLIC ACT NO. 18-136:                    Current Fee             New Fee
                                 ending June 30        Effective July 1

CGS 30-53 -  Liquor Permit Filing:             $2.00                $ 20.00

CGS 7-34a - Misc. Document Filing(trade names)    $5.00       $ 10.00

CGS 7-34a  - Map Filing & Indexing:             $10.00              $ 20.00

CGS 7-34a - Subdiv. Map Filing & Index:        $20.00            $ 30.00

CGS 7-34a - Notary Public Oath & Comm.        $10.00             $ 20.00

CGS 7-34a – Notary Public Character Certification $ 2.00          $   5.00

CGS 7-73 - Marriage License Fee:            $30.00             $ 50.00**

CGS 7-73 -Removal, Transit and Burial Permit    $3.00              $ 5.00

CGS 19a-323  - Cremation Permit:              $3.00                $ 5.00


All Checks Unless Otherwise Noted Are Made Payable to the Goshen Town Clerk


Land Recording Fees:
$60.00 for the first page effective December 1, 2017
$5.00 for each additional page
$159.00 for the first page from a nominee of a mortgagee and
$5 for each additional page (if nominee of a mortgagee is the assignor or releasor the $5 for each additional page does not apply it is a flat $159)
per state statute
Town Conveyance Tax:.0025
State Conveyance:Please contact the Department of Revenue Services
Trade Name Certificate / Doing Business As:$5.00
Survey Maps:$10.00
Subdivision Maps of 3 or More Parcels:$20.00
Copies of Deeds & Recorded Documents:$1.00 per page
Copies of Minutes and Other Copies Not Otherwise Stated:$0.50 per page
Copies of Maps (12" x 18"):$3.00
Copies of Maps (2' x 3'):$5.00
Certification of documents:$2.00 per certification


Marriage License:$30.00
Copies of Long Form Birth Certificate:$20.00
Copies of Vital Records (Birth, Death, Marriage, Civil Union):$20.00
Birth Certificate (Short Form):$15.00
Burial or Removal Permit:$3.00
Cremation Permit:$3.00


Call for prices of computer stored information.


Notary Public Recording:$10.00
Renewal of Notary Public:$10.00
Change of Name for Notary Public:$15.00
Change of Name and Address within Town:$15.00
Change of Name and Address to a New Town:$10.00
Change of Address to a New Town:$10.00


Dog Licenses

Altered Dog (Spayed / Neutered):$8.00
Male / Female Dog Not Altered:$19.00
Late License Fee:$1.00 per month
Transfer of Ownership:$1.00 if already licensed
Lost Tag:$0.50
Change of Residence (Town):$0.50
Kennel License:$50.00 for ten (10) tags
Guide Dog:FREE


Sports Licenses:Please see a current Hunting / Fishing Guide for prices.