Supplemental Motor Vehicle Tax Bills

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Supplemental tax bills are issued pursuant to Section 12-71b of the General Statutes of the State of Connecticut and cover motor vehicles newly registered after October 1, and before August 1. These bills are due on the following January 1 and must be paid in full on or before February 1 to avoid interest figured at 1.5% per month from the due date subject to a minimum interest charge of $2.00 per tax bill.


Codes Used on Supplemental Bills

Month Acquired Newly Acquired Vehicle Code Replacement Vehicle Code Percentage
October A N 100.0%
November B O 91.7%
December C P 83.3%
January D Q 75.0%
February E R 66.7%
March F S 58.3%
April G T 50.0%
May H U 41.7%
June I V 33.3%
July J W 25.0%



Newly Acquired Vehicle (Codes A-J)

Purchased after October 1 and not replacing a vehicle appearing on the October 1 Grand List. Tax due will be for the number of months remaining in the assessment year including the month of registration.


Purchased before August 1, which replaces a vehicle acquired after October 1, where there was no vehicle appearing on the October 1 Grand List. The vehicle taxed will be the last vehicle appearing in the individual’s name prior to August 1, using the percentage amount of the date of purchase of the original vehicle.


Replacement Vehicle (Codes N-W)

Purchased after October 1 and before August 1 replacing a vehicle that appeared on the October 1 Grand List. The tax due in July for the vehicle on the October 1 Grand List must be paid in full. The tax due in January following the purchase on the replacement vehicle should show a credit for the October 1, replaced vehicle based on the codes applicable.

If the tax code on the tax bill is a Code N to Code W, the tax bill is due and payable to the municipality to which your July 1 tax was due regardless of your present residence.