Motor Vehicles


Motor Vehicle Adjustment & Proof Requirement


Must Provide Two Forms of Proof

If a taxpayer has sold, junked, or totaled a motor vehicle or moved it out of State, it is his or her responsibility to contact the Assessor's Office and to provide the necessary paperwork in order to have the assessment prorated.

Before any adjustment can be made, the taxpayer must first cancel the registration at the Department of Motor Vehicles and obtain a plate return receipt from said office as evidence of such. In addition to the plate receipt, the taxpayer must provide evidence of what happened to the vehicle: letter from the insurance company that insured the vehicle, police report if it was totaled, an out-of-state registration if the vehicle was registered in another state, DMV-issued bill of sale if it was sold, or paperwork from the dealership if it was traded-in.

The full list of acceptable documentation may be obtained from the Assessor's Office by calling (860) 491-2115.

If an adjustment has been made to a tax bill that has been paid, you must request in writing a refund from the tax collector.


New Commercial Truck Exemption


Owners of New Commercial Motor Vehicles that have never been registered anywhere before may be eligible for an exemption for 100% of the assessment of the vehicle for a period of five years. Per Connecticut General Statute §12-81(74), this exemption is available for vehicles fitting in one of the two following classifications: (i) for vehicles that were first registered on or after August 1, 1996, have a gross vehicle weight rating in excess of 26,000 pounds, and are used exclusively to transport freight for hire – certain qualification criteria is applied from the US DOT Code based on the use and materials transported; (ii) for vehicles that were first registered on or after August 1, 1999, have a gross vehicle weight rating in excess of 55,000 pounds, and which are not qualified under clause (i).

For more information on the criteria that must be met in order to be eligible for this exemption, please contact the Assessor’s Office at (860) 491-2115. The application must be filed by November 1st in order to receive this exemption.