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Recycling Events

Electronics, Shred-it and Mattress recycling 

April 3 & October 2, 2021

Electronics Recycling 

April 3 & October 2, 2021.

You won’t need to get out of your vehicles; the vendors will unload your recycling and shredding items for you. 

(NO items in the cabin of vehicles; use trunks, or in the back of truck body).

Accepted Electronics:

Computers     Ipods/PDAs     Monitors     Modems

Printers     Keyboards     Televisions     Computer Mice

VCRs     Stereo Equipment     DVD Players     Telephones     

Copiers     Cellphones     Fax Machines     Cameras

Scanners     Tablets & E-Books     Video Game Machines

Microwaves     Others small applicance

Not Accepted:

No Smoke Detectors

No Hazardous Materials (no lighter fluid, liquids, paint, etc.)

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April 3 & October 2, 2021




Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
USA Hauling Recycling Contractor (860) 379-1662
Paul Collins Recycling Coordinator (860) 618-5468 x 240

Citizens Advisory Committee for Recycling & Trash (RAT's)

Cynthia A. Barrett
Patrick J Reilly
Rod Zander