Online Permitting System Guidelines

Online Permitting System Guidelines


For your convenience, effective 5/9/16, the Town of Goshen has adopted online permitting for the submittal of applications for residential, commercial building, mechanical, plumbing, gas, electrical, fire protection and demolition permits. Paper applications will no longer be accepted as of 5/9/16.

If you need assistance using a computer, there is one available at the Goshen Town Hall.  Assistance can be obtained from the Building Official’s office at (860) 491-2308 Ext 231. Office Hours are:  Tuesday & Thursday 7:30am - 10:00 am.   

If required documents cannot be uploaded with the online application, applicants can mail documentation with a check payable to: Town of Goshen, Attn: Building Official, 42A North Street, Goshen CT 06756.  

No permit will be processed until payment and all documention is received, Address of the project MUST be written on all documention.  All permits will be granted or denied within 30 days from time of receipt of last document received.

Do I need a permit? Filling out a Building Permit Application

(after you have logged onto the online permitting website).  

  • Select the location for the permit by entering any characters of column text in the white boxes under House # and/or Street to narrow your search.
  • Choose the address by clicking on its row.
  • Select the appropriate permit application (electrical, plumbing, fuel gas, etc.) from the menu on the right by clicking on the New icon.
  • Fill out the application fields to completion.
  • Once you have filled out all text fields click Submit.
  • This will prompt you to sign the application. Sign by holding down the right button on your mouse and signing. Check the check box below, type in your name and click Save.
  • This till ask you if you want to submit. If yes click Ok.
  • Now add any required attachment by clicking Add Attachments and then click the Square blue icon top right and follow the instructions.
  • Please mail or hand deliver a check payable to; Town of Goshen, 42A North Street, Goshen, CT 06756.


If you need to add attachments after closing a submitted application or want to check your status, go to My Documents. This will show you a list of all the applications you have ever submitted along with the status. To add additional attachments click on the permit row once to highlight the permit and then click the Square white icon above on the right and follow the instructions.