Sequence of Events for Construction

Re:       Sequence of Events for Construction of Dwelling, Addition, Pool or Accessory Building in the Town of Goshen

With spring coming many people will be planning building projects for the spring and summer; dwellings, additions, barns, garages, decks and EVEN “COVER-IT TYPE SHEDS” ALL REQUIRE PERMITS.  The Zoning Regulations and Town Ordinances are available online at Here is a summary of the various steps involved for obtaining the required approvals:

  1. For a new house have a soil scientist flag any wetlands on the lot and have an engineer/surveyor develop a site plan that shows the proposed house, driveway, sewer line or septic system, well location and any wetlands or watercourses located by the soil scientist.  Contact Torrington Area Health District at (860) 489-0436 for a list of soil scientists. 
  1. For a new house obtain approval from the Torrington Area Health District for the proposed septic system and well location.  Lots inside the Woodridge Lake Sewer District and RA-1 Zone, require approval from the Torrington Area Health District for the proposed well and a Sewer Connection Permit from the Woodridge Lake Sewer District Administrator, Charles Eckstrom, (860) 491-3474.  If there is a septic system on your lot, the Health District must approve all additions, decks, and accessory buildings.  The Health District has a separate pool application permit that must be obtained for all new swimming pools.  Contact Richard Rossi, Sanitarian, at Torrington Area Health District at (860) 489-0436.
  1. Obtain an Inland Wetlands Permit from the Goshen Inland Wetlands Commission for any work proposed within 100’ of a wetlands or watercourse (the regulated inland wetlands areas.)  The Commission regulates construction, filling, and removal of materials within the regulated wetlands and watercourse area. Contact Martin Connor, Town Planner, Zoning and Wetlands Enforcement Officer on Tuesday or Thursday mornings between 7:30 a.m. and 9:45 a.m. at 491-2308 ext. 232.  The Inland Wetlands Commission meets the first Thursday each month at 7:15 pm, Goshen Town Hall.   Applications should be submitted one week prior to a meeting.
  1. Obtain a driveway permit from the Highway Supervisor, Garrett Harlow at (860) 491-6029 for all new driveways and repairs to driveways.  The Town’s driveway regulations are contained in the Town’s driveway ordinance that was recently revised.  Mr. Harlow also assigns addresses on new houses.
  1. Obtain a Zoning Permit from Martin Connor, Town Planner/Zoning and Wetlands Enforcement Officer, for proposed houses, additions, decks and accessory buildings including “cover-it” garages.  The required zoning setbacks for the WL - Woodridge Lake Zone are 20’ front and rear and 20’ on the sides (75’ from the lake.)  Lots in the RA-2 and RA 5 Zones are 50’ front and rear, 30’ setback on the sides (75’ from Tyler Lake, Dog Pond and Westside Pond.)  The RA-1 Zone requires a 50’ front and rear yard setback and 20’ on the sides. Pools, decks and accessory buildings all require Zoning and Building permits and must meet the minimum zoning setback requirements.  Maintenance sheds under 150 square feet can be built in all zones no closer than 10’ from side and rear property lines (Woodridge Lake Deed Restrictions require a minimum of 20’.)
  1. Obtain a Building Permit from Joe Manley, Building Official. (860) 491-2308 ext. 231.  He is available on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

 Martin J. Connor, AICP                                                        Goshen Town Planner/Zoning and Wetlands Enforcement Officer